Slightly past the edge of time,
inches from its beginnings.
Ticking clocks no longer chime,
still the world just keeps spinning.

A small spark touches the air,
brightening the thirsty sky.
Stardust flies up everywhere,
glowing as darkness gains shine.

Sleepy eye with a slow blink,
opens wide to a full moon.
Serving as a lasting link,
light and dark both dance intune.

Swaying till brightness explodes
giving life to new sunrays.
Creating new open roads,
manifesting everyday.

Nature soon appears with ease,
the breeze swims in with the rain.
Misting every growing tree
so that earth can self sustain.

Every being receives gifts,
a new page to write a tale.
Different species coexist
all together setting sail.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Within a blink,
earth spins and goes.
As nature shrinks,
capital grows.

Nurturing dies,
drowning in time.
Hurricanes cry,
humans defy.

Here to just take,
no giving acts.
Infested lakes,
more signed contracts.

Corrupted system
to be deferred.
Earth is a victim,
with pleas unheard,

The honey bees,
fly just to flee.
Cut forest trees,
polluted breeze.

Lingering kill
connections fall.
The world stands still
as nature calls.

Absorbing light
and all sun rays.
Hold on for life
and better days.

Feel comfort in
this cozy dome.
As the world spins,
treat it like home.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


When our world is gone,
it will be too late,
to respect earth’s laws
keeping nature great.

Cutting the forest,
drowning all the seas.
Tears left to flourish,
sadness swimming free.

Pretty dove of peace,
“I can’t see you now,
have you been released?
did you break your vow?”

Traveled from a realm
beyond the bright stars.
Presence overwhelms
then flies high and far.

A quivering earth,
broken by the quakes.
Excavate your worth,
do not give, just take.

My white dove of peace
has flown off too far,
not feeling at ease
fleeing from the scars.

Kids play in the dark,
hide and seek at night,
searching for a spark
a small hint of light.

We are in a gale,
trying to be right.
Balancing the scale
if we could unite.

My pure dove of peace,
finally returned,
curing apathy
so love is discerned.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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