with every beat,
music moves

down naked feet,
rises up

to then repeat,

feeling complete.

Sway my hips

from side to side,

thoughts kept inside.
Pretty veils,

expressive eyes,
feeling free,

no need to hide.

Thrilling sparks

flow through snake arms,

distinctive charm.

to then disarm,

without alarm.

Shimmy fast

then lift and drop.
Chest circles

and belly pops.
Always dance
no need to stop.
keeping joys
listed on top.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Ballerina take your stance
let them know what you demand.
Gain control within your dance
tiptoeing to the commands.

Ballerina show your strength,
graceful beauty perfect pace.
Stretch your leg to a full length,
hide the pain traced on your face.

Ballerina hold your pose,
looking like a single rose.
All your weight lands on your toes,
putting on a perfect show.

Ballerina win the crowd,
leaping high to spin around.
Final move leads to a bow,
posing gently on the ground.

Ballerina go to sleep,
music box full of stories,
my gems are all yours to keep,
in exchange for your glories

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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