Seven Rays

Red brings passion, excites life,
carries some unwanted strife.
Known to ignite inner thrive,
gifts of strength and endless drive.

Orange keeps zest on it’s toes,
turns each dream into a goal.
Fills up all ambition holes,
allows zeal to take control.

Yellow is the brightest ray,
guides the heart to paint each day,
lighten dark thoughts, shades of gray,
dissolves profound fears away.

Green appears with a playlist,
smooth force so hard to resist,
fills the soul with a pure kiss,
allows thoughts to co-exist.

Blue arrives with beads of sweat,
hard at work with no regret.
Repays each and every debt,
gives to all, till nothings left.

Pink is pretty, also shy,
blushes if stared in the eyes,
connection can make bonds fly,
veiled deceits can reach the sky.

Purple holds a sense that knows,
forms confidence, lets it grow.
Swims inside until poise shows,
makes certainty overflow.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

United Colors

United representation
Natural born affiliation
Inspirational foundation
Quaintly blended coordination
Unique identification
Euphoric bright presentation

Continuous revelations
Offers hope and inspiration
Love does not knows moderation
Omnipotent motivation
Relaxation allocation
Serving all great preservation

Charisma lead integration
Ready without preparation
Enhancing all observations
Aesthetic appreciation
Tailored made specification
Ever felt exhilaration

Reveals inner liberation
Assuring strong affirmations
Inner growth and realizations
New found faith and aspiration
Beautiful collaboration
Outshining every sensation
Wishes become declarations
Sweetest gifts of variation

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Seven rays,
rule my world.
as they twirl.

Purple hues,
not confused,
always knows
and it shows.

Confused pink,
sneaky winks,
so unsure,
silent lure.

Working blue,
finds the clues,
to promote,
others hopes.

Yellow cares,
always there,
love and light,
shinning bright

Orange goals,
gains control.
never waits.

Passion red,
gets ahead,
moving fast,
with a blast.

Vibrant green,
quite serene.
Create tunes
and communes.

Seven rays,
shadow gray,
balance beam,
calmest stream.

Black and white,
day and night,
and assist

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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