You tried so hard to steal my smile,
you thought your words could push me down,
but my light runs infinite miles,
resisting any urge to frown.

Instead, those words have helped me grow,
proving you wrong, enforced my goal.
They spread around my inner glow,
balanced me out, making me whole.

I became all I wished to see,
removed my shell, set my soul free,
vanquished old insecurities,
accepting every piece of me.

This new me knows just how to live,
when to refrain and when to give,
how to destroy all negatives,
by basking in the positives.

The me I formed is quite secure,
and finally feels self assured.
Holds confident abilities,
delivering stability.

I want to thank you for your role,
in helping me achieve control.
I learned to let opinions roll,
so they never affect my soul.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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