Anger and rage,
blood bubbles then boils.
Heated flushed face,
emotions recoil.
Headaches vibrate,
tears moisten the soil.
Take center stage,
composure soon broils.

One simple phrase
shoots me to the sun.
Arms become rays,
my words a shotgun.
Past happy days,
use my mind to run.
Peace swims my way,
anxiety stuns.

Angel embrace,
provides a restart.
Kissing my face,
mending my scorned heart.
Veins flow with grace,
all tensions depart.
My serene place,
offers a new start.

Calmness inside
rocks me to full ease.
Patience provides,
freedom like the breeze.
Clarity guides,
providing sound keys.
Let fury slide,
so blurred eyes can see.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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