So sorry my hair is too curly,
So sorry my body is curvy,
So sorry that your eyes must see,
everything that creates me.

So sorry that I’m not enough,
or that I act a bit too rough.
So sorry you can’t understand
or accept me, the way I am.

So sorry that I felt this way,
So happy that my views have swayed.
Not sorry for being who I am,
instead grateful, I took a stand.

So happy that my hair has waves,
So happy I am now so brave,
enough to laugh off , all critique,
loving myself, being unique.

So happy that I never broke,
So happy I no longer choke,
I realized I was made perfect,
not put on earth for you to affect.

So grateful for all that I know,
So grateful I now run my show.
Teaching others, what life taught me,
not dictating how they should be.

– Grace Y. Estevez


A repetitive five-beat rhythmic pattern,
makes my hips move to the pitter patters.
Festive melodies make daydreams splatter,
misting my mind, highlighting what matters

Merengue music is one of a kind,
hypnotic assemble will blow any mind.
African with Spanish influence entwined,
with three passing tales, which seem to align.

One story describes it arrived with the slaves,
all chained together while cutting sugar cane.
Swaying to the beats that machete swipes made,
dragging their worn feet, while easing their pain.

Some allege a great hero was limping and hurt,
at a revolution, his leg pain overt.
Villagers found new ways for aches to divert,
smiling as they danced with one foot sweeping dirt.

Others have claimed the name came from a treat,
confection of sugar, so light and quite sweet,
matching with the dance, frothy yet complete,
all tastebuds enjoy, absorbing the beats.

New world technique with old-world traditions,
gave birth to a style for many musicians.
Fun tunes will remove any inhibitions,
grand lyrics provide great compositions.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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