A prolonged time
that sailed along,
reciting lines
in a mute song

Extended time
that held too tight
ignoring signs,
hopes fly like kites

Repeated time
revolving tune,
essence that forms
a warm cocoon

An evolved time
clearing mistakes,
provide heartaches
with needed breaks

Infinite time
learns to abide,
control the speed,
that you provide

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. Wow wow wow!!! This is amazing! I especially love that 3rd stanza. Your writing is always so incredible and I always look forward to your posts!!! Keep shining and inspiring, my friend 🖤✨🤗

  2. Enjoyed the image of the extended time like kites., as it seems I’m flying about that way right now. So many great ideas in this poem.

  3. This is so meaningful & beautiful.. thank you😀🧡..also a big welcome to my blog family hope you enjoy my post & they help in some way on your journey to enlightenment..it is much appreciated in Grace.& Honour..GG

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