Charming hook that lured me in
shined so bright it pierced my skin.
A wounded fish with a lost fin
swimming through life, in seas of sin.

Clever arrow with gleaming head
flew through the air, missing instead,
so lucky to have run ahead,
following instinct where it led.

Another day counting the sand,
turned upside down, yet they still land.
The same blank day will not expand
when life must always go as planned.

Chewing on trauma is a trap,
digs in the mind but still leaves gaps,
reliving thoughts until they snap,
spreading fine wings that can not flap.

Pause from climbing, stay in the now,
stop asking, why? instead, ask how?
learn from the past, then make new vows,
others will do as you allow.

Free up regrets, create new goals,
the old is gone, regain control.
Flesh can be torn, but not the soul,
retake the strength they once stole.

Regrets belong to yesterday,
tomorrow’s yours, so is today.
Use lessons as a sound display
showing yourself you are okay.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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