It hurts so much
to grow up fast,
realizing childhood
could not last.
Unchain myself
from memories,
of aimless days,
sweet melodies

It stings so much
to open eyes,
engulfed in chores
with no surprise.
Grown bitterness
of a routine,
no lingered songs
in harmony.

Your life becomes
required lists,
a pointless chase,
you must persist.
Racing against
a time now gone,
only know rest
after you yawn.

It feels so good
to live carefree,
erase visions
of what should be.
Be grateful for
the people near,
so heart felt laughs
can reappear.

Be glad that you
still have today,
knowing that life
can always change.
See yesterday
as needed steps,
since lessons learned
bring great effects

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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