Set Free

A mountain of lies,
built one at a time,
increasing in size,
right before my eyes

A city of trust,
all covered with dust,
provoking disgust,
deceptions unjust

An ocean of pain,
swoops into my brain,
foreseeing great gain,
while breaking the chain

A field of bright dreams,
crops made of light gleams,
past flows off the stream,
soul feels clear and beams

A garden of hope,
pick each one to cope,
old slippery slopes,
are sealed envelopes.

An island of thoughts
displays inner force,
as life runs its course,
discover the source

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

14 thoughts on “Set Free

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  1. Oh, how fabulously written! Love it!. Won’t be in much for a few days. Had a TIA event to the point of not knowing who or where I was. That’s why I won’t be posting too much until this gets under control. I’ll do my best to read everything you write!

    1. Thank you so much. I am so sorry to hear that you had that experience. Glad you are healing and feeling better. May you recover quickly and effortlessly, my friend. Much love to you.❤️

  2. Wow Grace, you continue to mesmerize me with your work!!! This has to be one of my favorites of yours!!! The rhyming is just perfection!!!!! I knew I’d love this piece just by reading the title and it surpassed all my expectations!!!!!! Incredibly written, dear Grace! You’re an inspiration! 🖤🤗

  3. Powerful world-crafting. There’s a delightful degree of compartmentalization going on here which I adore, each landscape distinct in purpose and form. The mountain I think I enjoyed the most. Something about the looming, ever-growing mountain was appealing.

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