A ragged house, high on a cliff,
loose wooden frame, support adrift.
Doe-eyed young girl, innocent soul,
filled with stories, yet to be told.
Active childhood, playing at home,
nutrition scarce filled up with foam.
Bullied baby with many scars,
obtained visions took her quite far.
Saving earnings, for a new life,
releasing her from all past strife.

An unknown country filled with big dreams,
fluorescent lights drowned out extremes.
Vigorous heart, beats in her chest,
always at work, no time for rest.
Still, a bright smile shines on her face,
brimming with hues of natural grace.
Every downfall brings a new chance,
turning sorrows into a dance.
Sunlight appears with gifts of luck,
liberty bells of freedom struck.

A serene breeze inflates her lungs,
with homemade sweets coating her tongue.
Winning ticket held at her side,
future visions expand so wide.
Unbalanced house is fixed at last,
mending the holes from a dim past.
Greeting with joy each sparkling day,
while healing lives in distinct ways.
Positive vibes, the greatest gift,
a humble soul will grow and lift.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. Wow Grace, I am continuously blown away by your BEAUTIFUL writing!!!! This is just magical and the ending is seriously perfect!!! I absolutely love this piece and you have such an effortlessly graceful way with words!! 😉 Much love, dear friend 🖤🤗

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