Mixed Seasons

Winter made me feel so warm,
snuggled up to watch snowstorms.
Singing kettles every night,
in your arms, I cuddled tight.

Spring appeared, changing the scene,
turned the ground into bright green.
Salty tears fell like dead leaves,
spring erased by autumn thieves.

Summer approached feeling cold,
parting hearts had lost their hold,
icy drinks filled my bare hands,
helping me to understand.

Autumn offered a new start,
springing in to brighten hearts.
Sunny showered rainbow hues,
light-filled views all became true.

Every climate is perceived,
outer thoughts are interweaved,
inner mirrors that reflect,
all the things that we project

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

21 thoughts on “Mixed Seasons

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  1. GRACE!!!!! Omg this piece is just magical. Wow, I absolutely love it. That ending is literal perfection, seriously!!! I love the way you intertwine nature and perception, it creates such a dreamy and relatable flow. You just get better and better!!! This has to be my favorite of yours, it’s truly stunning!!!!!! Keep shining 🤗✨🤍

    1. What a beautiful compliment Ace. Thank you so very much. Your kind and thoughtful words truly inspire me. I appreciate you dear friend. ❤️

  2. What an astonishing write up, GRACE! Love the ending! It’s AMAZING! I’m a FAN of yours because of your wonderful write ups! Keep shining just like you do, my lovely friend 😍

  3. ‘Spring erased by autumn thieves’. I liked it. Beautiful account of changing seasons! So natural.

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