Unwanted guest
that stood too long,
was here to steal
his favorite song

It took his strength,
and then his hair,
he kept his smile
and rocked his chair.

It took his pride,
and made him shake,
he kept his wink,
and did not break.

It took his size,
and then his mind,
he kept his heart
and was still kind.

It took his hopes,
and then his life,
he kept his soul
and it survived.

He learned to sing
his greatest song,
it lives in him
where it belong

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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  1. This is amazing, so powerful, deep and magically written!!!! The ending is EPIC and the flow throughout is dreamy and magnificent! So well written, Grace! You’re truly an amazing writer and continue to soothe my soul with such beauty!!!! 🖤🤍🤗

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