Climbing up an endless rose,
slippery ride, hold tight to hope.
Pulling up while sliding down,
turns his bright smile into a frown.

Thorny stem transforms to steps,
making this chore less complex,
fragrant scents perfume the air,
somehow life starts to seem fair.

Misty rain cures his thirst,
he wonders which effect came first,
knowing rise is not endless,
or being able to progress.

Then it happened rapidly,
his legs ascended avidly.
At the top, he felt a hug,
from his awaiting ladybug.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

24 thoughts on “Determined

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  1. Aww what a magical and enchanting piece, Grace!!!! You described the beauty of nature so vividly, with crisp attention to detail and a dreamy flow!! I especially love the ending, so pure and filled with love!!! Well done, my dear friend! I absolutely LOVE this one!!! 🖤🤗🤍 Can’t wait to see what your beautiful soul does next 💫

    1. That is so nice to hear . I am so happy you liked it , Ace. Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. I truly value and appreciate you. Much love, my friend.❤️

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