Who pointed out contrast, making foreign wrong?
What made ignorance show, then stay for so long?
Where do dreams go, if great failures prolong?
Is compassion real with emotions withdrawn

When will we see beyond the body and skin?
Why are our differences perceived as a sin?
How can we fix life for our next of kin?
Can we stop second-guessing, then maybe win?

Who made us afraid of embracing the new?
What shadowed our hearts obstructing all views?
Where was that seed planted that sprouted and grew?
Did benevolence expire, or maybe just flew?

When did a quick walk, transform to steep climbs?
Why is a stained tear, worth less than a dime?
How can human eyes, see others like grime?
Was peace ever real and did it tarnished through time?

Who began the turmoil, will never be known.
What will make things better, can slowly be shown.
Change can always begin within our own throne.
While meeting ourselves, feel empowered alone.

When morals are studied and warmth is then spread.
Why hug a warped value, reach new ones instead.
Change is sure to take place, keep looking ahead.
Prepare your own meals, do not eat what is fed.

– Grace Y Estevez

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